These are the songs on the CD. The links go to MP3 files

1 Hello?

2 Let’s Go! Party People! (Upbeat)

3 What Should I Wear?

4 Who’s Gonna Be There?

5 Gonna Get All The Girls Tonight

6 Do You Like To Party? (’Cause I Like to Party)

7 A Man’s Got To Do What He’s Got To Do

8 Party Days Party Nights

9 Doing The Dance

10 Too Tired to Party

11 Let’s Go! Party People!(Beat Down)

12 I Said Let’s Go!


Dedicated to Eamon Ore-Giron & Ted Vadakan

Credits: Additional Vocals David Abel, Christina Armas, Dave Bower, Eric Marc Cohen, Chris Graybill, Marc, Marguerite, Marysa, Nicholas & Tara Sacerdote
Graphic design Lina Hoshino

All songs ©2005 Angelo Sacerdote

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