(pronounced as oleo)
David Abel, bass, Leo
Jeremy Novak, guitar, Cancer
Eric Marc Cohen, drums, Virgo

Angelo Sacerdote, guitar, vocals, Capricorn

was a rock and roll act based in New York City from 1992-1999 until Angelo left for California to reinvent himself or something.
Where is the rest of OeleO?
please visit these links:
Fly Ashtray

This was an EP called

"Sea of Nectar"

Here are a few MP3s from it.

Get Sexy With Me

Space Is Where The Place Is

Cheek Explosion



Captain Of The Universe

oeleo's final days...
Before Angelo left New York,
oeleo recorded it's dying breath
live onto two tracks in one day in a living room.
Here are a few select MP3s

My Sign
Tomato Sauce

Captain of the Universe

Recorded by Sheila McCarthy and Jim Abramson.

There was also this 45 which had 4 covers in one.
soon there will be clips from this record posted here.

check back soon for old videos